Tips For Social Media Branding Strategies

Tips For Social Media Branding Strategies


Social media branding is something that all businesses should consider because of the benefits that it offers.  However, the problem is that many businesses do not know what their social media branding strategy should entail.  There are some tips that you should know about which can help you create the strategy that you want to use.

Do Not Overlook Visual Branding

Visuals and social media are intrinsically linked and you need to take advantage of this.  If each of your social media profiles looks like it is for a different company then you are going to disconnect with your users.  It is important that you have visual branding like Instagram and Pinterest which is identical across all of the social media platforms that you use.

This is something that many large brands use because they understand the power of visual branding.  Companies like Coca-Cola will have similar colors and designs across their social media accounts to give consistency to their branding.  The logo and avatars that are used across the accounts will be the same and you should look at using the logo of your business to ensure that people understand that your business is being represented.

Develop Your Social Voice

The personality of your brand will come across in your account posts and you need to consider this.  Finding your social voice can take some time, but you will settle into it eventually.  There are some points that you can look at to help you determine what your voice should be.

You should look at your company culture and what makes your business special.  You can transform this into your social voice by using hashtags that relate to what your company cares about.  You should also consider who your target audience is when looking for your voice.  If you are going to be targeting a sub-niche then you should use jargon that relates to the niche and draws in your target audience.

Post Regularly

The best tip for social media branding is to post regularly.  If you are only tweeting every few days or you post a picture on Instagram once a month your brand will be forgotten.  Social media users have a short attention span and if you do not remain in their sights then you are going to be forgotten.

The ideal number of times you should post will vary depending on the social network and the market you are in.  You should look at research into the platform to see when the users are most active and how often you should be posting.  It is recommended that you should tweet more than you should post on LinkedIn because of the fast pace of Twitter.

Connect With Influencers

Large businesses will get a lot of engagement when they post on social media, but smaller businesses will have to work harder.  One of the best ways to get more engagement is to connect with influencers in your niche.  Influences are people who are popular in your niche, but are not direct competitors.  When you connect with the influencer you could take advantage of the followers they have.

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